Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Importance of Time Management

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.  We all have twenty-four hour days.” ~ Zig Ziglar ~ 
Time management is the key for a successful career and personal life.  Many people are overwhelmed juggling time between their careers and families, leaving them stressed out and tired.  Time is limited.  Everyone gets the same amount of time each day and needs to learn how to make the most of it.  Here are a few tips to help you control your time:
Make a Schedule – Google Calendar is a great free app to use to help with time management.  By taking a few minutes each morning to create a schedule you have a more productive work day.
Avoid Social Media – Avoid using social media unless it is for work.  Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram has become an obsession for many.  It can eat up hours of your precious time every day.
Personal Calls – Don’t take personal calls during your work day unless there is an emergency.  This will help you stay on track of your daily schedule.
Dedicate Time for Your Family – If you are married and/or have children, make sure you schedule time for them.  Building healthy relationships helps reduce stress.
By taking control of your time, you can easily accomplish more each day.  It helps you stay on top of your career by keeping you focused, increasing your work quality, and reducing stress.  Learning to be disciplined with your time is the recipe to success!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant

Whether you are a small company or a new business just starting out, your company might not have enough funds or work needed to staff an employee.   On average, hiring a professional Virtual Assistant will save your business as much as 35% or more.  Whether you hire a Virtual Assistant for part-time work or for individual projects, Virtual Assistants can benefit your business in many ways.
  • No need to pay for employee health insurance, payroll taxes, vacation days, sick days, and worker’s compensation. Virtual Assistants work as independent contractors.
  • Virtual Assistants work from their own workstations eliminating the need to purchase an extra computer, desk, etc.
  • They are dedicated to their work in hopes of growing their business. They seek referrals and a positive reputation, so they work hard to make sure their clients are satisfied.
  • Virtual Assistants will take on projects that you neither have the time, skills, or resources to complete.
  • Virtual Assistants are flexible and are available to work outside of regular business hours.
Many entrepreneurs today are seeking out virtual assistants to take advantage of the great benefits they offer. Most virtual assistants handle everything that an administrative assistant does along with expertise in other areas. It is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to save time and money as they further grow their business.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to Become an Exceptional Virtual Assistant?

Many people can become Virtual Assistants, but it takes a special type of professional to become an exceptional one. Every client has different wants and needs, so it is important to know exactly what they expect before you start working for them. Here are some essential ingredients to help lead you to the path of becoming exceptional:
  • Great Communication Skills – This is most important! You must be able to communicate well with your clients so you know and clearly understand everything that is expected. You must not only have outstanding verbal skills, but have excellent writing skills. If you ever have any questions or concerns, always contact your client right away.
  • Be Punctual- Update your calendar daily. This helps by keeping you aware of all scheduled meetings, reminders, and deadlines. Don’t ever be late on completing an assignment!
  • Stay Organized – Always keep a neat and clean work station. Make sure papers are filed in their correct folders at all times. This makes it much easier to reference back to them when needed. Also, always have extra office supplies on hand for when you run out of them.
  • Superb Interpersonal Skills – This is very important! Keeping your cool while working under pressure is significant. You must be able to handle criticism from your clients in a professional and positive manner. Developing a good relationship with your client is crucial and must be established to ensure repeat business and a positive reputation.
All of these techniques can lead you to the path of becoming exceptional. In addition to great knowledge of Microsoft Office, basic bookkeeping, Google Docs, writing skills, web design, blogging, Dropbox, and misc.  Good luck on your journey!